EtherFloorsportfolio tracker

Stop checking your NFTs every 15 minutes: we'll do that

Get automated notifications, learn about actual break even prices on your portfolio and make smarter choices with detailed data.

Check out an example PRO wallet: Zeneca's 1 ETH Challenge



Bird's eye viewFREE

All your ETH NFTs portfolio values, with floor prices and total value per collection

Resale FeesFREE

Marketplace + project royalties: remember to account for those before selling!

Collection linksFREE

Your one-stop for checking links and info

Browser notificationsPRO

Get notifications within your browser. Set a target price for your favourite collection and relax: when it gets there, we'll tell you

Break even pricesPRO

At which price will your NFT be profitable? Account for gas, marketplace royalties! No more notes & spreadsheets

Data chartsPRO

Floor price, purchases, ownership uniqueness %, average price, at a glance and all in one place!

EtherFloorsportfolio tracker
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Wait... I thought the name was EtherFloors? Why is the twitter handle @EtherFolds? What's an EtherFold anyway?

EtherFloors helps you track and manage your NFT portfolio, EtherFolds are the NFTs that, aside from being cool, grant you the PRO features of EtherFloors and support its development! You can mint one for 0.04ETH on their website.

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